My name is Andy Rogers and I'm a photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. This blog is dedicated to photos of my own. All photographs on this blog are property of me.
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Rapha Women’s Transfer Ride - Woodend -> Sunbry

A few weeks ago, Rapha Australia put on their first ever Women’s Transfer Ride. Basically, the idea of a transfer ride is to combine a ride with some form of transport - be it train, boat, bus etc. - to enable people to ride roads they wouldn’t normally due to distance away.

I had a few friends going on the ride and they dropped a kind word to Sarah at Rapha to ask if I could tag along to take shots. Luckily Sarah was kind enough to let me join!

I won’t go into a report of the ride because my good friend Caz did a much better job than I ever would at which you can check out over on the Rapha Blog.

I’ve been waiting for Rapha to put up the story so I could post my photos up and just a few days ago it went up so I’m free to share all the photos with you! Above are a few of my favourites but as always there’s a bunch more over at my Flickr.

This spurred on another transfer ride just a week later which again I was lucky enough to tag along to and shoot so there’ll be photos coming from that in a few weeks too so keep you eyes peeled!

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