My name is Andy Rogers and I'm a photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. This blog is dedicated to photos of my own. All photographs on this blog are property of me.
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Australian CX National Championships + NCXS Round 5 - Adelaide

Last weekend I had a very spontaneous roadtrip to Adelaide to head to the CX National Champs and Round 5 of the NCXS. I’d planned on heading over but a lack of funds had made me elect not to go but a last minute change of plans involving a supplied car and petrol money changed things and immediately after finishing work we were on our way to Adelaide. The weekend went very quickly and we were battling a severe lack of sleep so I wasn’t really up to shooting how I normally would.

I did however manage to grab a small selection of shots from both Saturday and Sunday’s racing action. Head over to my Facebook page to give the whole set a peek.


Dirty Deeds Cyclocross Series 2014 - Round 1, Harrison Street Velodrome

CX is back! And boy am I happy. Sunday saw the official return of the DDCX series for 2014 after everyone got to warm up at the Prologue a few weeks prior.

Racing was up to the now expected high standard with an even bigger field than previous years.
I had a weird day behind the lens but my photos came out a lot better than I had expected.

Round 2 and the NCXS round are just in a few weeks so expect to see more CX action then. In the meantime, head over to my Facebook page to view the whole set:

Looking forward to exploring more of the road less ridden with the Soigneur team this weekend in Gippsland. Keep your eyes peeled for some shots in the coming weeks.

Looking forward to exploring more of the road less ridden with the Soigneur team this weekend in Gippsland. Keep your eyes peeled for some shots in the coming weeks.

Ozzy Cross ‘14

Whilst I was in Adelaide at the end of January enjoying the Tour Down Under I also took the opportunity to head along to the Ozzy Cross race being held by the Port Adelaide Cycling Club and Focus Australia to snap some photos of some much missed cross.

Shooting a cross race in Summer conditions was great. Here in Melbourne we have little to no cross action in Summer (at this stage anyway!) so it was interesting to shoot in some very dry, dusty conditions.

Head over to my Flickr to check out the rest of the set and head over to the newly launched Australian CX Mag site to read a write-up on the event.

Soigneur Spring 2013

A few weeks ago I went along on Soigneur's Spring trip away in the Yarra Valley to shoot some photos from the weekend. For both days I was in the car alongside Ken (the mechanic for the weekend) which was a great luxury, It also allowed me to get some sweet shots from the back of the car on both days.

The first day was a short one out to Noojee and back as the weather was really quite horrible. I’ve never seen people on bikes so wet before. Day two the group headed out and climbed the backside of Donna. While usually quite a nice dirt climb, after all the rain was basically just mud. Made for tough times.

Above are a couple of my favourites but there is a whole heap more at my Flickr. I’m really happy with how the shots came out so I’d really suggest heading over and checking out the whole set.

Rapha Transfer Ride: Dandenong - Pakenham

A few weeks ago Caz and I tagged along with the Melbourne Rapha Transfer Ride to take some photos. In all honesty I forgot I hadn’t uploaded these photos yet which is why they’re so late.

Thankfully I remembered as I was quite happy with the photos in the end. The ride started from Dandenong train station and wound it’s way up to Gembrook and then back down to Pakenham, taking in plenty of quite country backroads and quite a few gravel sections. The route was also plentiful with gorgeous views to keep the riders visually satisfied.

Above a few of my favourites but you can see the rest of the set over at my Flickr. Show ‘N’ Shine 2013

This year marked the second annual FOA Shown ‘N’ Shine. The calibre of bikes really stepped up this year with a whole bunch of really amazing bikes coming out of the woodworks. As always, Rolly and the Electron Workshop crew put on a great event and the whole night had a great atmosphere.

I didn’t do too badly myself and my new Speedvagen took away best road bike (integrated shifters) and almost took out People’s Choice!

Head over to my Flickr to check the whole set which has a few more shots of some of the sweet bikes entered and head over to the FoA blog and read a write-up from Rolly.

Hawthorn CC Women’s Crit Series - Race 1

After a couple of consecutive weeks of racing being rained out, the ladies finally got a dry night to kick off their crit racing series!

The good light was around all of two laps so I couldn’t get as many shots as I’d hoped for. Keeping my fingers crossed that the ladies get a clearer night over the next few races and I can shoot a proper set. There is however a small set of shots from last week over at my Flickr.


I couldn’t think of a better way to farewell the 2013 Aus CX season than Saturday night’s race. Last year, I was on the other side of the world and missed out on Spooky and I’ve gotta say I was pretty gutted. There was nothing that was gonna stop me from missing it this year. After a full season of flying all over the country shooting more CX than I ever have before, it felt great to be back home, at the familiar Brunswick Velodrome for a bit of good ol’ Dirty Deeds fun-filled cyclocross good-times. And the team at DDCXHQ delivered.

Being the final race it was more about a fun wind down than serious racing and it was just what everyone needed. Costumes were plentiful (except in Lewis Rattray’s case!) and the party mood was high.

I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone involved in cyclocross this year; organisers, volunteers, Dave Morgan and the Morgan clan, the riders, spectators, sponsors and local councils. Without this coming together of people this wouldn’t be possible and I wouldn’t be able to spend my time doing one of the things I love the most. I met a bunch of really great people this year, had a whole heap of fun and took my photography to a new level which I’m incredibly proud of.

Anyway, enough of the soppy stuff! Head over to my Flickr where you can scope one last set of photos for this year.

I’ll be back again next year but the amount of photos will be less as I finally plan on racing!

See you next season, cyclocross. <3

Anonymous asked: Your CX photos are the definition of incredible. Keep it up!

Ahh thank you! And don’t you worry, I won’t be stopping anytime soon.